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Meet the Editorial Board

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Written by Oredigger Newspaper

Posted on 15 February 2009

Editorial Board of The Oredigger Newspaper

Editorial Board:
Editor-in-Chief: Deborah Good
Managing Editor: Emily McNair
Webmaster: Connor McDonald
Design Editor: Taylor Polodna
Business Manager: Lucy Orsi
Copy Editor: Arnaud Filliat

It is the vision of the Editorial Board that The Oredigger shall function as a medium of connection and catalyst of communication between the Colorado School of Mines and its community members. Over the past year, the Editorial Board has created a Strategic Plan, outlining sustainable growth, content and personnel standards, organizational accountability, and feedback assurance through 2011. At the core of the organization's structure is a belief in perpetual innovation framed by stable expansion.

As most 21st century engineers and scientists understand, technical proficiency is no longer the sole unit of measure in defining overall quality. Effective communication, creative problem solving, and multi-dimensional intellect are rapidly becoming crucial in the field. The Editorial Board is wholly committed to providing CSM students with an outlet to explore, develop, and refine their work as both journalists and engineers.

The Editorial Board welcomes all comments and critique. Please direct all communications through e-mail, telephone, or standard mail.

Thank you,

The Oredigger Newspaper


Office Telephone: (303) 384-2188

Office Fax: (303) 273-3931

Electronic Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Standard Mail: 1600 Maple St., Golden, CO, 80401

Colorado School of Mines

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