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Music Review

Lordi - Scare Force One


Written by Curt Dennis

Posted on 11 November 2014

LO_SFO-C_1500x1500SCARE FORCE ONE: The title track, "Scare Force One," is a fast blend of classic metal and Halloween, perfect for a band like Lordi, who don bloody masks, horns, and chains on stage. "Scare Force One" relies on a creepy, unique riff to blend each section, though it sticks to its classic metal roots: straight, driving chords; synth backings; full, stadium vocals on the chorus. While the chorus has a happy tinge, the rest of the song makes up for it with a creepy, "scary" vibe, which seems to be Lordi's forté.


Banks — Goddess (Deluxe)


Written by Sarah Dewar

Posted on 29 September 2014

fb84f39c1b485b3284e1574f0358f97418579eab83d61844f6b91cde7abe266c_largeJillian Banks, known professionally as BANKS, released her first album this September into the expanse of anticipation surrounding her relative unfamiliarity with the mainstream. BANKS toured alongside The Weeknd for the better part of last year, drawing comparisons to the indie side of R&B with her sultry alternative style and electronic sound.


Music Review: U2 and Apple: The Savvy Partnership


Written by Kellen Malone

Posted on 15 September 2014

A band's new album has just become the most downloaded in history. At more than 500 million downloads, it happened in a flash, in an unorthodox manner, and by an unexpected band. Many iTunes users woke up in the last few days to (happily or unhappily) find a free new album by U2 in their music library named "Songs of Innocence." Why would Apple and U2 do such a thing?


Album Review: Angus & Julia Stone


Written by Rose Neumann

Posted on 07 September 2014

angus-and-julia-stone-new-albumEstablished fans of the brother-sister blues-folk duo Angus & Julia Stone will find a comfortable familiarity in the slightly haunting melodies and melancholic undertones of the pair's new eponymous album, with only minimal traces of the stale feeling that comes when artists find their niche and do not change. Those unacquainted with or indifferent toward the siblings will probably find themselves more interested in this album than any of its predecessors as it has a more polished and cohesive feel than any of the other albums. This is largely due to the influence of producer Rick Rubin, who has worked with ultra-popular artists like Jay-Z, Adele, Lady Gaga, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The man knows what people will listen to and what will sell.


Skrillex's New Album: Recess


Written by Evan Ford

Posted on 30 March 2014

skrillex-recess-album-artworkDubstep has evolved from humble beginnings, and one of the most prominent and forward thinking artists of the genre is Skrillex. His hair is a statement for his passion and music: it says, "Yup, this is happening."


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