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Minds at Mines: Highlight of the Year

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Written by Katerina Gonzales

Posted on 27 April 2014

This week, Minds at Mines asked, "What was the highlight or favorite memory from this school year?"

James-Touchberry Lets just say, partying during E-Days a little too much.
James Touchberry
The Rocky Flats lecture from [Nature and Human Values]. I actually thought it was very interesting.
Ian Hardy
Matthew-Schaefer Getting a 90 a Physics II test.
Matthew Schaefer
Probably like not dying after tests. Then I slept for a very long time (two weeks).
Andy Bartleet
Jeremy-Che Woody's. Woody's was fun. Whenever we were in the mood, we'd just go, "You know what? Let's go to Woody's tonight!"
Jeremy Che

Colorado School of Mines

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