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Tom Brady injured; Patriots to start Tim Tebow

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Written by Pro NFL Analyst Guy: Josh Kleitsch

Posted on 20 January 2013

Last week marked a difficult game for the New England Patriots, even as they rolled over the Houston Texans in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs. While the Texans did not stand a chance against the indomitable Patriots air attack, they did at least exhibit some type of balanced gameplay outside of a star quarterback. Late in the third quarter, Tom Brady was sacked by J.J. Watt, the explosive defensive end for the Texans. While being sacked, Brady attempted to break free from Watt, and in doing so fell on his coccyx, bruising it.

For most NFL quarterbacks, this would have taken a day or two to heal, and they would have been back on the line. Not for Brady, whose ability to perform is balanced on a knife's edge. After the injury, New England physicians have determined that Brady will be unable to play in the AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens. Rather than turn to Ryan Mallett, the second-string quarterback who never gets a chance to play, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has chosen to sign Tim Tebow at the last minute to start in Brady's place.

In defense of his incredibly stupid choice, Belichick has said that he believes Tebow has an "x-factor" that makes him very dangerous on the field. What Belichick left out was that Tebow's x-factor makes him dangerous to his own team, not the the opponent's. Having not played in a real football game in months, Tebow is unlikely to complete more than three passes all game. His running antics will likely confuse his offensive line, and may result in some hilarious turnovers.

As a result, it appears that once again the victor will likely be the team with the best kicker. Neither of these teams posses a high-powered quarterback right now, and the best they can hope for is that they can put up enough three-pointers to make this game worth watching.

As for New England? Perhaps it's time to start looking ahead to next season for the Patriots. Perhaps Tom Brady has run his course. Perhaps they should consider investing in someone much younger, someone less likely to injure his coccyx while being sacked. We can only speculate now, but Sunday's game is not going to be pretty for either the Ravens or the Patriots.


Scooter McVie 21 January 2013
Tebow trashed Elways long standing playoff record by posting a 125.6 PER in his first playoff game against the number one defense of the Steelers. He did something NO qb has done, at least since the merger, throw more than three passes over 50 yds. He did something only one or maybe two QBs have ever done in that game, threw for over 300 yds in his first playoff game, with NO ints. Hate all you want, you can't change history dipwad.
copper1325 21 January 2013
Nice scooter very nice
Nate 21 January 2013
Why do Tebow lover's point to one game to try and make a point. If that's the case I would say Matt Flynn has a bigger argument than Tebow, but unfortunately to be a good QB, you have to be good consistently. Not good for one game and especially in Tebow's case not good for only 1 quarter. Tebowtime 2011 is over dipwad. We are getting ready to watch the Super Bowl in the year 2013. Just be happy if Tebow can stay in the NFL next year.
loaner35 22 January 2013
As I recall, Tim Tebow did turn the Broncos season around and took them to the playoffs. How many teams with big name QBs didn't make it to the playoffs. How soon we forget.
Nate 22 January 2013
As I said good qb's are consistently good, inconsistent qb's find themselves involved in trades, sitting on the bench, and with very limited opportunities. But Tebow has done something that most backups have not done. He managed to get passed over by the 3rd stringer and then passed over again when the 3rd stringer got hurt. That takes a special level of suck to accomplish. Tebow is a non-factor. Face the truth. Non-factor.
Peter Hacor 22 January 2013
I think you will find that in the end you may find that tebow won more playoff games for the broncos than Peyton ever did. I believe that if tebow had started for the jets they would have made the playoffs. not saying tebow is a good qb, but he can change the whole dynamic of a team if you make him a leader. he sucks as a qb but when he is leading the team somehow things change. tebow will never be a wildcard person because that's just not the type of guy he is. he is a leader and like him or not he is best when he has the reigns in his hands. as I will remind you he is not a good qb, he is a good leader though. you put him in charge and he has this way of inspiring people and when people feel passion they play hard. its like having a motivational speaker. if you ever hear a good one you will leave inspired and feel unstoppable. it is hard for me to express my point, hopefully you understand where I am coming from. in football sometimes the best team is the one that plays with passion.
Nate 22 January 2013
Tebow's intangibles are SO important to winning, yet there he sits on the bench. No argument anyone makes about winning, passion, leadership, intangibles will ever speak louder or more true than that warm bench on the jets sideline. Non-factor.
holdup 23 January 2013
i think its funny how people say tim tebow cant throw when if you look at his college passing stats he has a better passing rating then peyton manning,eli manning, and tim couch.its not that he cant throw its his mechanics which to me is not that big of can say what you want but tim tebow does one thing and that is win.
holdup 23 January 2013
nate your stupid bro it wasnt one game it was mutiple games tim tebow won for the broncos and 4 of the broncos losses he wasnt starting.i just dont get it i really thought tim tebow proved last year that he can be a qb in the nfl.there is just so many people who want to see him fail because he is religous, and they dont look at the facts
Nate 23 January 2013
No the one thing timmy t does is warm the bench and like I said, I could never ever say another word on this thread and all of yall tebow lovers could continue to run your mouth and it would not matter, because his current situation SPEAKS LOUDER AND MORE TRUE than any argument any of yall could ever make. This boy is on his way out of the league unless he stops insisting that he play QB. And it may be true that people hate on him because he is a christian but that is not the reason he is warming the bench.
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